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Welcome to my website for my business "What in Creation?!?" I am Carol Leckie, and I have been making jewellery for myself for years, and have been making and selling it since about 2006.

About the name, "What in Creation?!?". Credit goes to Helen Maddock, who suggested it. We were trying to come up with something, I wanted it to have creation, creativity, creating, something like that in the name. We were coming up with all sorts of things and then she said remember when our parents or grandparents used to say "What in creation are you kids up to?" and that was it...the name became "What in Creation?!?"


I think my journey to jewellery making began many years ago, influenced by my father who was a rock hound. He used to make some jewellery, although he didn't really make the kind of things I do, and with his friend and fellow rock hound Dave he would saw apart geodes and thunder eggs and huge rock crystals and make book ends and various other works of natural art. He was very fond of making and wearing bola ties, and also had jars full of tumbled polished stones. All of his children and grandchildren have lots of beautiful stone bookends as well! From him I got my appreciation of the beauty of rocks and minerals. I remember going with him to his rock club meetings when I was a kid, and being fascinated by the variety and colours of all of the things the members would bring in. I particularly was fascinated by agates, and still love them. What could be more beautiful than the natural beauty of the earth's minerals? I do some of my own tumbling of stones, using a vibratory tumbler because I want to retain the interesting shapes as much as possible, instead of rounding everything off like a rotary tumbler would do.

A bunch of stones I was tumbling, between grit changes.



My Dad, Graham Leckie

Dad also made some walking sticks, although he didn't do too many. I have his favourite that he made from a piece of grapevine from our bush. Dad was a farmer and grew up during the Depression, and his mentality was always very much that you improvise and make it yourself if at all possible. I think I learned this from him too, and so when I want something I am always thinking "I could make that" and ideas just seem to flow as to how it could be done. However, he sometimes didn't care what it looked like as long as it worked. I am a bit more picky about that!

 My love of dogs and cats lead to some items for them as well, such as healing gemstone collars for cats. The first one I made was for my friend Audrey's cat Coco. He needed something nicer than the old collar he was wearing...it just didn't go with his Siamese beauty.

We have 3 cats (BB, Monet & Houdini) and two dogs (Clancey & Roger, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers).


  Monet & Houdini                        BB & Houdini    

Houdini & Monet are brother and sister, and we have had them since they were about 3 weeks old (along with their 4 brothers and 1 sister - Oprah, Halley, Freud, Lightning, & Chaplin). We took them in in May 2005 because they were born under an electrical transformer next to an apartment building parking lot, and we were afraid they would not last because they were just starting to come out from under the transformer and could have been run over or had dire consequences from the anti-cat super of the building.They were the most affectionate litter of kittens I have ever seen, right from the first time they were handled by people they never hissed or spit at anyone, they would come running to climb on us and be hugged and petted. Our dog Belle adopted them as her babies, she was wild to get into the room where we had them (because we had 2 other adult cats we kept the babies in a separate room at first), and she would clean their bottoms and lick them all over. Then she discovered their food dish, and her allegiance somewhat shifted, I must admit her ministrations became somewhat perfunctory!  BB found us under the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia on Civic Holiday weekend, 2000. She was almost dead, skin over bones, and was desperately trying to get someone to help her. She was so weak that she would fall over when she coughed, and was pregnant to boot (although it didn't show, she was so thin). She has become a beautiful cat, very affectionate. Since we had gone to the river to fish, we say she was our best catch ever.

Clancey and Roger are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. They are the fourth and fifth Tollers I have had. They are half brother and sister. They are one of Canada's native breeds of dog, and are very intelligent, beautiful dogs. For more information click here. Visit Clancey and Roger's breeder's website at www.armachord.com . She uses a minimal vaccination protocol and feeds raw.



Clancey and Roger

Roger got his CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) title at the Kent Kennel Klub show in Chatham! (April 18, 2010) His Nanna was very proud!


Upcoming Events

Retrofest, Tecumseh Park, Chatham May 23
Artwalk, Sarnia June 6-7
Coyle's General Store, Tillsonburg June 27-28
Canada Day Sarnia, Canatara Park July 1
Goderich Festival of Crafts July 3-5
Canterbury  Folk Festival, Ingersoll July 10-12
Lynn River Music Festival, Simcoe Aug 1-3
Kingsville Folk Festival Aug 7-9 
Art in the Park, Bright's Grove Sept. 12
Downriver Craft Sale, Moore Museum, Mooretown Sept 20
Lambton Fall Colour & Craft Festival, Grand Bend Oct 17-18
UWO United Way Sale, Nov. 4
Big Sisters Show & Sale, Sarnia Nov 14-15
Down Home Country Christmas Craft Show, Tillsonburg Nov. 28-29
Animalert Bazaar, London Dec. 5


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Visit my sister's website: http://www.blackcatjewellery.ca